The okayest place on earth.

Welcome to Hawaii 2

You are free to use the island for non-intensive recreational uses not requiring structures, such as fishing and hiking and for other purposes as permitted by Hawaii 2, LLC. Please respect the beauty and pristine nature of the island and Lake St. George and do not construct any improvements on the island or leave any trash, pet waste, or evidence of your visit.

License holders, please do not leave your Cards Against Humanity flags on the island when you leave. Hawaii 2, LLC’s caretaker will periodically visit the island and remove any flags left behind.

License holders are free to enjoy use of the entire island, without independent use, designation or demarcation of any plot of land.

Thank you for helping to keep Hawaii 2 a beautiful and peaceful place.


Hike. Swim. Leaf-peep. Birdwatch. Think about dad. Squirrelwatch. Take photos. Propose to lover. Have an agonizing moment of self-reflection. Look at your phone the whole time.


Litter. Hunt. Build a campfire. Build anything. Bury anything. Cut, mar, or damage nature. Leave your flag behind. Leave pet waste.

Island Hours

6 am – 8 pm


What’s this island about?

This is the island Hawaii 2, owned by Hawaii 2, LLC, an affiliate of Cards Against Humanity. We bought the island and then gave it away as a gift for our 2014 Holiday Bullshit campaign. We sent 250,000 Holiday Bullshit subscribers a license, a map, and a small Hawaii 2 flag. Now Hawaii 2 is open for the public to visit and enjoy.

But why?

If someone else bought the island, they’d build a summer home or a condo or a TGI Friday’s™. This way, the land will be kept as a pristine piece of wilderness. You can read more about how we bought the island here.

Can I visit?

You’re free to visit the island as long as you don’t build, bury, or damage anything and otherwise observe the rules above. You can picnic, hike, and take photos, just don’t leave trash of any kind.

I'm a license holder. Can I plant my flag on the island?

No, you can’t plant your flag (or anything else). Just plant it in the ground and take a photo of it or something, but don’t leave the flag, because we’ll just throw it away.

I was part of the 2014 Holiday Bullshit. Do I really own a piece of the island?

No, Hawaii 2, LLC owns the island, but you have rights to use it as a license holder.